Why Are Car Scrappers Important?

Many drivers in Australia face the same problem: What will they do with a beat-up old vehicle? Leaving it on your property isn’t the best option. The car will only be harmful to you and the environment this way. Consider sending it to your local car scrapper instead.

The Importance Of Working With Car Scrappers

You might ask yourself: Why is car scrapping important? The answer is simple: It’s beneficial for the environment.

Think about it. Cars, for most of their lives, contribute largely to pollution. The average passenger vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year and consumes gallons of fuel.

Unfortunately, a car’s detrimental impact on the environment doesn’t end here. Even as it reaches the end of its life, it can still contribute to waste, leakage, and pollution.

But luckily, vehicle scrapping provides a solution to these environmental problems. By wrecking your car, you prevent its materials – metal, plastic, glass, or rubber from ending up in landfills.

In addition, scrapping rids the vehicle of any toxic substances, such as antifreeze and battery acid, from escaping into the soil. As a result, wildlife is no longer at risk of consuming these fluids.

Helping You Get Rid Of Unwanted Vehicles

Car scrapping doesn’t just save the environment, it also prevents you from holding on to something that no longer serves a purpose. Junk cars pose more risks for your home than you may realise, as they can drain a lot of fluid on your property.

Additionally, older vehicles are much more prone to rust. At first, this may seem like an aesthetic issue; however, it can corrode the frame over time. Plus, you don’t want the car to be a home for pests, especially when it has been a while since you last used it.

Providing High-Quality Services

You’ll never face disappointment when selling your cars to established scrapping companies.

For instance, if you decide to transact with a dealer, you will likely be offered less payout. Meanwhile, if you choose to sell to a private buyer, what are the chances that you’ll find someone willing to buy a damaged vehicle? Not to mention, you’ll need to advertise the product on various platforms and stay patient enough to negotiate.

These issues are rare when you go to a trusted car scrapper. Here at Anytime Cash for Cars, we’ll willingly buy your vehicle, regardless of its make, model, and condition.

Not only that, but we also offer free car removal services and an instant quote once you call us at 0412 525 712. We can pay up to $8000 in cash right on the spot. Don’t wait any longer to scrap your old, damaged, and unwanted vehicles!

The Dos And Don’ts Of Selling Unregistered Cars In NSW

Are you planning to sell an unregistered car in NSW? Like any other transaction, you’ll need to take note of a few reminders. And fortunately for you, this guide has all the must-know tips for getting rid of your vehicle.

How to Sell Unregistered Cars in NSW —Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do: Prepare Your Car For Sale

If the vehicle has been under your care for a long time, you’ve most likely forgotten a few trinkets in its deepest crevices. So before you sell it, make sure to check for any lost items. You might discover something of value inside your glove compartment.

Additionally, don’t overlook your trash, such as spare receipts and business cards that may contain your personal information. You might even come across your cars manual.

Finally, you’ll need to remove your vehicle’s number plates and transfer its title. It’s also best to check NSW’s requirements for car disposal. You might forget to submit a notice and incur a late fee.

  • Don’t: Remove Crucial Components Inside Your Car

While rummaging through your vehicle, you might be tempted to take apart its air conditioning unit or even its engine. As much as possible, don’t do this. It’s best to leave the dismantling to an expert. Otherwise, the components could end up in worse shape than what you started with.

However, it is possible to remove other parts of value, depending on what you’ve installed in your car. For example, if you have a brand-new stereo system or custom rims, holding on to them could be in your best interests.

  • Do: Be Patient During The Sale

Are you in a hurry to make some cash? Of course, it’s natural to want to make cash as soon as possible; however, a little patience could go a long way.

For example, you might overlook a significant increase in scrap metal prices by a few months, resulting in lower profits. On top of that, you could forget to cancel your insurance on time and miss out on a refund.

  • Don’t: Miss Once-In-A-Lifetime Selling Opportunities

Is someone offering you a great deal of cash for your old car? If the opportunity comes, don’t hesitate to go for it. This could be your only chance of getting an excellent price, primarily if private buyers collect your type of vehicle.

Are you having trouble finding a private buyer for your vehicle? There’s no need to worry; you still have a way to sell it. Visit Anytime Cash for Cars.

We are a licensed removal company that will buy all cars, regardless of whether it’s unregistered or not. Plus, we can offer you up to $8000. We can also provide an instant quote and free pick-up services! Contact us at 0412 525 712, and our professional towers will be on their way.

Ways To Introduce Truck Wreckers In Sydney

Are you familiar with truck wreckers in Sydney? These companies have worked behind the scenes for decades to support the economy. It’s time you got to know more about it!

Here Are A Few Things You Must Know About Truck Wreckers In Sydney:

  • What We Do?

In the simplest terms, car wrecking refers to removing, dismantling, and recycling decommissioned vehicles. The last point is also the most crucial. Wreckers will dispose of a truck, but before that, its scrap metals and spare parts will be salvaged for secondary purposes.

  • Why Do We Wreck Trucks?

You may think that wrecking is only essential to save space in a scrap yard; however, there’s more to the process than that.

As previously mentioned, wrecking also entails recycling. This allows us to remove toxic chemicals from your vehicle, including engine oil, antifreeze, and battery acid that could pose a health risk to living organisms.

In addition, the recycling process helps us retrieve essential auto parts. After all, trucks will always contain reusable components, regardless of their condition. So, for example, your vehicle’s engines, wheels, and air conditioning system will be refurbished instead of thrown in the landfill.

Most importantly, auto wrecking allows us to recover scrap metals. For instance, the average light truck contains about 1300 kg of steel. This metal can be recycled and reused for manufacturing brand-new vehicle frames.

Overall, vehicle wrecking is a vital process that reduces pollution, conserves natural resources, and minimises the need for mining virgin ore.

  • How We Wreck Trucks

The vehicle recycling process requires specialised machinery and training, which means it’s impossible to do it at home.

Here’s What Happens After You Send Your Car To Our Wrecking Yard:

  • The vehicle’s toxic fluids will be drained and disposed of properly, while gas and engine oil are filtered and reused
  • The truck’s parts are dismantled and sold to remanufacturers, including its engine, windows, wheels, tyres, and seats
  • The remaining vehicle frame will be crushed, shredding, and separated into ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • The sorted scrap metals will be transported to various manufacturers

Where You Can Find The Best Truck Wreckers In Sydney?

If you’re looking for trusted wrecking companies, Anytime Cash for Cars is your number one option. We follow the vehicle recycling process to its highest standards, ensuring that no part or scrap metal goes to waste.

Additionally, we will offer you up to $8000 in cash depending on the condition of your truck. We buy all trucks, no matter their model and condition. Our services are free of charge, and you can schedule an immediate pick-up after obtaining your quote. And to do so, call Anytime Cash for Cars at 0412 525 712 and provide your vehicle’s details!

Know The Services And Payment Options For Scrap Car

Gone are the days sellers have to do everything when trading their scrap cars. These days, companies include different kinds of services when buying scrap car removal to attract more clients and provide convenience. What services should you expect when you sell your scrap car to an auto wrecking company? The answer may vary.

However, some services have become a standard in the industry. These are same-day car removal, free towing, and free paperwork. Companies can collect the car from your place within 24 hours after the booking. They will use their tow truck and you won’t be charged for it. They will even take care of the documents required to transfer car ownership.

Some scrap car removal companies offer varying payment options to accommodate all preferences of their sellers. Some of the popular methods are check, bank transfer, cryptocurrency, and of course, cash.


Most people avoid accepting check payments because there have been a lot of fake checks used by scammers. Some companies are still paying people checks. If you prefer this method, then there are a few things that you should take note of. Don’t sign any document unless you are sure that the company is reliable. Verify checks with the issuing bank. You don’t want to experience going to a bank only to find out that funds are not available.

Bank Transfer 

With the technology boom of online banking, written checks have become less common. Bank transfers have become a favourite of a lot of people because it’s fast and convenient. You won’t have to deposit the cash or cash because it is directly sent to your account. It’s also safer than a check. Although, you have to make sure that the payment has been transferred first before giving up your car to the buyer.


If you have already been into cryptocurrency, then you are probably aware of the benefits of using and investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and the like. Thus, the idea of turning your scrap car into digital assets will sound great. This is what a few auto wrecking companies do now. Sellers are provided with an option to get paid in the crypto cash of their choice. They just have to give them their account numbers so they can transfer the payment. The cash value of the scrap is converted into cryptocurrency.


Cash may be the oldest payment method when selling a scrap car. But it is still the safest, most secure, and the best payment method. By accepting cash, you can avoid getting scammed with fake checks. You also won’t need to give the buyer some of your confidential information.

Anytime Cash for Cars is one of those companies that buy scrap cars in cash. We will pay you in full on the spot. No lengthy negotiations are needed. If you are interested in our services, contact us on 0412 525 712!

Is Your Old Car Removal Value $8,000?

How much is your junk vehicle value? Many old car removals will tell you that they can offer $8000, but that still depends on numerous things:

  • Type Of Vehicle

First things first: What is your car’s year, make, and model? These factors will determine its market value, which ultimately dictates its used price.

Generally, a vehicle’s junk value will be around 20% to 40% of its used price, so make sure to check several sources beforehand. For example, you can refer to online valuation sites, such as Red Book Australia or Cars Guide Australia.

If you want to hear from experts themselves, you can go for a dealership appraisal. However, dealers will only give you the price they’re willing to pay most of the time. So, it’s best to visit various dealerships to obtain an accurate estimate of your car’s value.

  • Scrap Metal Prices

How much is scrap metal value in your area? This factor primarily affects your old car’s value, so make sure to time your sale right.

For instance, scrap metal prices are determined by quality, amount, time of year, location, and the market value of new metals. So, if you manage to sell your car in Sydney while recycled steel is in high demand during the winter, you’ll surely earn a significant profit!

Today’s scrap metal prices are readily accessible through scrapmetalsydney.com. According to the site, steel is currently value about $1.50 per kilogram, while brass can be sold for up to $4.50/kg.

  • Demand For Spare Parts

Does your car still contain most of its original components? Don’t throw them away. These parts are in high demand. Your catalytic converter, for example, is an excellent source of precious palladium, platinum, and rhodium, which can sell for incredible prices.

Plus, if your car’s engine and transmission system still work, numerous buyers and parts recyclers would be interested in taking them off your hands. It’s also best not to remove the parts yourself. Instead, a trusted removal company will do the heavy work for you.

  • Old Car Removal Service

This is possibly the most determining factor when it comes to the value of your vehicle. Unfortunately, many people tend to forget about choosing the right car removal company, already distracted by the amount of cash they can get for scrap metals alone.

But choosing a reliable old car removal service is key to obtaining a fair quote. Otherwise, some companies will attempt to offer you a lower price without your knowledge. Because of this, you have one place to go: Anytime Cash for Cars.

Anytime Cash for Cars is licensed to buy any vehicle regardless of its condition, and our offers can reach up to $8000. Plus, our services are entirely free of charge, including pick-ups.

Call us now at 0412 525 712 and get your money’s value!

How Can I Dispose of My Car Real Quick in Sydney? Top Tips & Tricks

No car lasts forever, as hard as that may be to hear. Someday, you’ll need to face the inevitable: saying goodbye to your beloved ride one last time. But your last few hours with it doesn’t mean you can’t treat it with respect. Reliable car disposal in Sydney is the most appropriate way to send it off.

The Importance Of Car Disposal In Sydney

Have you asked yourself why you wanted to get rid of your car in the first place? For most people, it’s because they want to earn some cash or make space at home. But there are a few obvious signs that tell you it’s time for vehicle disposal immediately:

  • Your car’s repair and maintenance costs are becoming too expensive
  • Your vehicle suffers from several mechanical failures that are too difficult to fix
  • You have failed your safety inspection test
  • Your car’s frame is so rusted that its structural integrity is threatened
  • You are moving up in life and want a much bigger ride
  • Your vehicle has no title or proper documentation
  • You are having trouble finding a private buyer for your car

How To Get The Best Car Disposal In Sydney?

Your vehicle deserves the best treatment, no matter if it’s brand-new or at the end of its life. And if it’s finally time for the latter, you need to send it to removal companies that will dispose of it properly.

Here Are A Few Factors To Consider When Searching For Car Disposal Services:

  • Reputation

First, ask the removal company if they are certified to buy end-of-life cars. In New South Wales, this means they must have a motor vehicle recycler licence, allowing them to buy, obtain, and dismantle cars and their accessories.

In addition to their licence, a reputable car removal company also has excellent reviews. Therefore, you must check their customer testimonials or ask your family and friends for any recommendations.

  • Location

If you live in Sydney, the best removal company will always be based in Sydney. Not only is going all the way to another city exhausting, but it can also run you quite a sum of money for towing.

Plus, most companies operating in Sydney offer complimentary pick-up services if you live in the area. They will also have more knowledge regarding the local scrap metal prices and spare parts market.

  • Pricing

Last but not least, find car disposal in Sydney that can offer you top cash for any vehicle. For example, at Anytime Cash for Cars, we can guarantee you up to $8000 on the spot, regardless of make, model, or condition.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Anytime Cash for Cars at 0412 525 712 now, and we’ll make sure to offer you the highest quality disposal services the way your old vehicle deserves!

Get All Kinds Of Car Removals Services By Selling Car To Wreckers In Sydney

One of the reasons why a lot of people prefer to sell cars to wreckers is convenience. Reliable car wreckers offer complete car removal services so that their clients won’t have to worry about anything. All you must do is call them. Once you agree with their offer, they will handle everything from there.

But What Kinds Of Car Removal Services Can You Expect When You Sell Cars To Wreckers?

Free And Instant Quotation 

Did you know that aside from calling the company, you can also book a car removal service online? These days because wrecking companies use their websites to accommodate requests. They will give you a quote quickly after evaluating your car based on the information you have sent.

Car Collection 

How are you going to send your car to a wrecking facility if it’s no longer drivable? You can either book a towing company or just let the auto wreckers collect it from your place. This is a good thing when you sell cars to wreckers. You have one less thing to worry about. Most companies will collect your car for free so you don’t have to drive it or spend cash on a third-party company.

Transfer Of Ownership 

Most people don’t like paperwork. The good news is that you won’t have to go through such trouble. Auto wrecking company will take care of the documents needed to legally transfer the ownership of your car. They can also cancel the insurance policy on your behalf. Their expert staff will handle everything, though you have to be ready with essential documents to prove that you are indeed the owner of the car you are selling. This will include the title and registration.

Damaged, Used, And Scrap Car Removals 

Some auto wreckers buy all kinds of vehicles. Whether you have a damaged car, used car, old car, unwanted car, accident car, or scrap car, they are going to purchase it at a competitive price. They accept all kinds of vehicles from SUVs, vans, trucks, to buses. That’s what they mean when they say that they have all kinds of scrap car removal services in Sydney.

Want to sell your car to a wrecker? Consider Anytime Cash for Cars. We are one of the leading companies in Sydney that offer up to $8000 cash. We have experienced and professional car evaluators, ensuring that you will get reasonable cash offer for your car. Some people also get more than what their cars are value because we beat any genuine quote from other companies by 10%.

We provide instant and free quotes. You just have to call us on 0412 525 712 or send us an inquiry through our website. We also don’t charge clients for towing and paperwork.

Does The Brand Of Your Scrap Car Affect Its Value In Sydney?

Do car removal companies care about the brand of your scrap car? The short answer is yes. When you opt for cash for scrap car in Sydney, among the things that buyers will ask you is the brand. And you may think it’s odd when you are selling your scrap car for its scrap metal and other auto parts.

The truth is that whether a car is brand-new or old, its brand will have a significant impact on its value. One of the reasons is that some car brands are known for rapidly depreciating. They will cost less than brands that have high resale value, like Toyota.

So if you are scrapping a luxury car that has severe damage, you can expect a higher offer as opposed to scrapping a regular or economy car. Why? Because luxury cars or cars from well-known brands have parts that other vehicles don’t have. For example, a scrap Ferrari vehicle will have a high resale value because of its alloy wheels. These parts can cost a lot more than the total of the rest of the car’s carcass.

Hence the more expensive your car, the more cash for scrap cars in Sydney you can expect. However, this is not always true. Many factors play a crucial role in determining the value of a scrap vehicle such as:


Weight is among the biggest factors that influence scrap car prices. The heavier the weight, the more scrap metal and parts it has, the more valuable the car is. That’s why heavy cars like Ford and Land Rover have higher scrap car value than luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes.


There are times when luxury cars and economy cars are equal in the eyes of scrap companies. That’s when a vehicle is simply going to be stripped down, separated, and recycled into new materials. If the only thing that can be salvaged in a scrap car is its metal frame, then the brand doesn’t matter. Scrap metals are scrap metals. Their values don’t change just because they came from a luxury brand.

Is selling the individual parts of a luxury car can help you profit more? It depends on the parts that you are eyeing. Take note that removing auto parts will reduce the weight of your car and, therefore impact its scrap car value. Before proceeding, consult a professional.

Anytime Cash for Cars is a reliable auto wrecking company that offers cash for scrap cars in Sydney. We buy all kinds of vehicles regardless of the brand, condition, and type. Our cash offer for scrap can go up to $8000. If you are interested in selling your scrap to us, call us on 0412 525 712.

Do You Believe Your Junk Car Value More Than the Cash For Car Quotes You’ve Received?

We’ve all agreed to an offer that seemed unreasonable at one point. Maybe you’re tired of negotiating with several people, or perhaps you aren’t aware of how much cash for junk cars you deserve. But don’t worry. You’ll never have to lose cash again with this guide.

Understanding The Actual Value Of Your Vehicle


There’s one thing you need to know about cash for junk car services: A car wrecker won’t look at your vehicle as a whole. Instead, your car will be judged based on several factors, including its type, condition, and parts.

Here’s How Each Factor Will Determine The Vehicle’s Final Price:

  • Make, Model, And Year

These factors determine the market value of your car. For most people, this is what they look at when trying to get an estimated price.

Fortunately, it’s also the most accessible piece of information to obtain. You can check online valuation sites, such as Red Book Australia, and search for your car’s year, make, and model. For instance, a used 2008 Honda Accord is listed as $5300-$7100 on the website. A junk vehicle is value about 20%-40% of its used value.

  • Scrap Metal Prices

Not many people know that scrap metal prices play a significant role in a junk car’s overall value. This is because most unwanted vehicles are wrecked for their steel and aluminium, which make up about 1200 kg of their weight.

One thing to remember is that scrap metal values vary from location to location. In addition, different metals are value different prices, depending on their rarity. So, for example, steel is $1.50/kg, while copper is $8.00/kg in Sydney.

  • Availability Of Spare Parts

Lastly, here’s another little-known determiner of your junk vehicle’s value: spare parts. Everything inside your car has the potential to be removed and recycled, regardless of its condition. And naturally, the greater the demand, the more cash you’ll get for it.

For example, what if your work is still in running condition? Many spare parts buyers would be rushing to take it off your hands because replacing an engine costs thousands of dollars.

But how about if your transmission system no longer works? In this case, you can sell it as metal parts. It’s an excellent source of aluminium, steel, brass, and cast iron.

How To Land The Best Cash For Junk Car Quotes In Sydney?

So, now you know how much you deserve for your old vehicles, what’s next?

The most crucial step is to find companies that will offer you top cash for your junk car, preferably closest to its estimated value. And the good news is you don’t have to look too far.

Anytime Cash for Cars can guarantee you up to $8000 on the spot.

Call us now at 0412 525 712 to receive a fair quote and schedule your free pick-up as soon as possible!

Be Cautious About Your Old Car & Scrap Car Removal Services

Scams are everywhere in the scrap car removal business. And if you are not cautious enough, you can be a victim at any time. Below are some of the red flags that you must be aware of when dealing with scrap car removal buyers and companies.

Deliberately Low Evaluations 

Scrap cars are evaluated based on their year, model, make, scrap metal, and the condition of any traceable parts. While they won’t cost as much as second-hand vehicles, they still have value. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that your car has zero value. That’s one of the common scams in the industry.

The best way to avoid this is to have your car assessed by a pro, like a mechanic. This way, you get more idea about the real condition of your vehicle, its issues, and its estimated value. When you have this information, you can carefully navigate through the offers and veer away from buyers who rip sellers off.

Check Payments Or Cash Orders 

Never accept check payments or cash orders. If they insist on paying you through these methods, then take it as a sign that the buyer can be a fraud. If you transfer the ownership before the cash clears, then you will end up giving the car away for free. A lot of scrap car removal horror stories are related to bad checks and fake cash orders.

To be safe, accept cash payments only. And make sure that the entire payment has been made before they get your scrap car.

No Evaluations At All 

Another sign that the scrap car buyer is not interested in buying your vehicle is no examination. The buyer or company will immediately give you a quote without evaluating it. A reliable scrap car removal company won’t do this. They will give you a quote based on the details that you will submit. Nevertheless, they will still perform a few inspections at your place before they collect the scrap vehicle.

Bait And Switch Offers

A typical bait and switch scenario starts with an offer over the phone. The buyer will try to lure you in to accept their high offer. However, when they come to pick your scrap car, they will make some excuses, offering you a lot less than what you have agreed earlier. Unfortunately, a lot of people are still taking this bait. They are happy enough that they get at least some cash from selling their scrap car.

If you want to get the best cash from your scrap, you should only trade with a reliable scrap car removal company such as Anytime Cash for Cars. We have been buying all kinds of scrap cars for many years. In fact, we are one of those who pay our clients generously. If you have an offer from another scrap yard, then we can beat it by 10%. Give us a call now on 0412 525 712 to get a free quote!