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Be Cautious About Your Old Car & Scrap Car Removal Services

Scams are everywhere in the scrap car removal business. And if you are not cautious enough, you can be a victim at any time. Below are some of the red flags that you must be aware of when dealing with scrap car removal buyers and companies.

Deliberately Low Evaluations 

Scrap cars are evaluated based on their year, model, make, scrap metal, and the condition of any traceable parts. While they won’t cost as much as second-hand vehicles, they still have value. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that your car has zero value. That’s one of the common scams in the industry.

The best way to avoid this is to have your car assessed by a pro, like a mechanic. This way, you get more idea about the real condition of your vehicle, its issues, and its estimated value. When you have this information, you can carefully navigate through the offers and veer away from buyers who rip sellers off.

Check Payments Or Cash Orders 

Never accept check payments or cash orders. If they insist on paying you through these methods, then take it as a sign that the buyer can be a fraud. If you transfer the ownership before the cash clears, then you will end up giving the car away for free. A lot of scrap car removal horror stories are related to bad checks and fake cash orders.

To be safe, accept cash payments only. And make sure that the entire payment has been made before they get your scrap car.

No Evaluations At All 

Another sign that the scrap car buyer is not interested in buying your vehicle is no examination. The buyer or company will immediately give you a quote without evaluating it. A reliable scrap car removal company won’t do this. They will give you a quote based on the details that you will submit. Nevertheless, they will still perform a few inspections at your place before they collect the scrap vehicle.

Bait And Switch Offers

A typical bait and switch scenario starts with an offer over the phone. The buyer will try to lure you in to accept their high offer. However, when they come to pick your scrap car, they will make some excuses, offering you a lot less than what you have agreed earlier. Unfortunately, a lot of people are still taking this bait. They are happy enough that they get at least some cash from selling their scrap car.

If you want to get the best cash from your scrap, you should only trade with a reliable scrap car removal company such as Anytime Cash for Cars. We have been buying all kinds of scrap cars for many years. In fact, we are one of those who pay our clients generously. If you have an offer from another scrap yard, then we can beat it by 10%. Give us a call now on 0412 525 712 to get a free quote!