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Know The Services And Payment Options For Scrap Car

Gone are the days sellers have to do everything when trading their scrap cars. These days, companies include different kinds of services when buying scrap car removal to attract more clients and provide convenience. What services should you expect when you sell your scrap car to an auto wrecking company? The answer may vary.

However, some services have become a standard in the industry. These are same-day car removal, free towing, and free paperwork. Companies can collect the car from your place within 24 hours after the booking. They will use their tow truck and you won’t be charged for it. They will even take care of the documents required to transfer car ownership.

Some scrap car removal companies offer varying payment options to accommodate all preferences of their sellers. Some of the popular methods are check, bank transfer, cryptocurrency, and of course, cash.


Most people avoid accepting check payments because there have been a lot of fake checks used by scammers. Some companies are still paying people checks. If you prefer this method, then there are a few things that you should take note of. Don’t sign any document unless you are sure that the company is reliable. Verify checks with the issuing bank. You don’t want to experience going to a bank only to find out that funds are not available.

Bank Transfer 

With the technology boom of online banking, written checks have become less common. Bank transfers have become a favourite of a lot of people because it’s fast and convenient. You won’t have to deposit the cash or cash because it is directly sent to your account. It’s also safer than a check. Although, you have to make sure that the payment has been transferred first before giving up your car to the buyer.


If you have already been into cryptocurrency, then you are probably aware of the benefits of using and investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and the like. Thus, the idea of turning your scrap car into digital assets will sound great. This is what a few auto wrecking companies do now. Sellers are provided with an option to get paid in the crypto cash of their choice. They just have to give them their account numbers so they can transfer the payment. The cash value of the scrap is converted into cryptocurrency.


Cash may be the oldest payment method when selling a scrap car. But it is still the safest, most secure, and the best payment method. By accepting cash, you can avoid getting scammed with fake checks. You also won’t need to give the buyer some of your confidential information.

Anytime Cash for Cars is one of those companies that buy scrap cars in cash. We will pay you in full on the spot. No lengthy negotiations are needed. If you are interested in our services, contact us on 0412 525 712!