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Does The Brand Of Your Scrap Car Affect Its Value In Sydney?

Do car removal companies care about the brand of your scrap car? The short answer is yes. When you opt for cash for scrap car in Sydney, among the things that buyers will ask you is the brand. And you may think it’s odd when you are selling your scrap car for its scrap metal and other auto parts.

The truth is that whether a car is brand-new or old, its brand will have a significant impact on its value. One of the reasons is that some car brands are known for rapidly depreciating. They will cost less than brands that have high resale value, like Toyota.

So if you are scrapping a luxury car that has severe damage, you can expect a higher offer as opposed to scrapping a regular or economy car. Why? Because luxury cars or cars from well-known brands have parts that other vehicles don’t have. For example, a scrap Ferrari vehicle will have a high resale value because of its alloy wheels. These parts can cost a lot more than the total of the rest of the car’s carcass.

Hence the more expensive your car, the more cash for scrap cars in Sydney you can expect. However, this is not always true. Many factors play a crucial role in determining the value of a scrap vehicle such as:


Weight is among the biggest factors that influence scrap car prices. The heavier the weight, the more scrap metal and parts it has, the more valuable the car is. That’s why heavy cars like Ford and Land Rover have higher scrap car value than luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes.


There are times when luxury cars and economy cars are equal in the eyes of scrap companies. That’s when a vehicle is simply going to be stripped down, separated, and recycled into new materials. If the only thing that can be salvaged in a scrap car is its metal frame, then the brand doesn’t matter. Scrap metals are scrap metals. Their values don’t change just because they came from a luxury brand.

Is selling the individual parts of a luxury car can help you profit more? It depends on the parts that you are eyeing. Take note that removing auto parts will reduce the weight of your car and, therefore impact its scrap car value. Before proceeding, consult a professional.

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