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Why Your Car Makes Common Abnormal Sounds

Was it a bullet shot, a door slam shut, or a wooden plank dropped from ten feet high? It’s not a bullet, it’s not a door, and it’s not a wooden plank – it’s your car. Your old vehicle makes loud, sharp noises when you change gear and right before you stop to park.

Cars removals companies have long been around waiting to pick up such vehicles. It’s time you realised the benefit of selling your vehicle that’s proving to be a menace. We at Anytime Cash for Cars are giving you an excellent opportunity to opt for our services:

  • Junk car removal
  • Old car removal
  • Scrap car removal
  • Unwanted car removal
  • Damage car removal
  • Non-drivable car removal

Why is your car making that sharp shooting noise?

When a vehicle makes a loud banging sound, it is the exhaust that’s backfiring as the engine decelerates too quickly.

Other reasons include the high levels of alcohol in your gasoline and your engine experiencing high temperatures.

Sometimes, the reason could be that the spark plug is refusing to spark as the exhaust valves open. When the fuel mixes with the air, the unburned fuel is left in the exhaust system. As a result, a loud bang is heard in the tailpipe; the misfired spark ignites this air-fuel mixture.

What you should do in such cases is gradually lower the engine speed and use a fuel brand with lower alcohol levels. You can also adjust the carburettor to reduce the engine’s temperature.

Should you do an unwanted or scrap car removal?

If your vehicle seems to be making loud shooting noises, you know how to fix the issue. It’s not necessary that you directly dump your car because of a minor problem. There are a few ways you can go about repairing the vehicle.

  • Fix the problem yourself with the measures provided above.
  • Call the mechanic to replace the faulty exhaust system.
  • Ask the mechanic if they can repair the exact auto part rather than get a replacement.
  • You can do an exhaust system service from time to time to check and prevent a recurrence.
  • If the problem persists over the years, you can sell the car to a scrapyard.

You could do an unwanted or scrap car removal if your vehicle is giving you more trouble. It’s not wise to sell your car for just one problem unless the issues are risky. For instance, there may be a mixture of problems with your vehicle.

  • Loud banging noises
  • The interiors smell of rotten egg
  • Smoke rising out of the bonnet
  • The brake pad isn’t pressing down completely
  • The gears are too rigid
  • The car has run for more than 200,000 miles
  • The car has stopped running beyond ten mph

When your vehicle experiences more than its share of warning signs, its hour has arrived. It’s time for a smooth send-off by a cars removals company. Are you planning on sitting behind the wheels of a new car? Sell the old one for a price value of over $8,000 with Anytime Cash for Cars. There are no hidden charges and no lengthy paperwork, just a spacious driveway with more room for an advanced model.