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Where Are Sydney’s Best Wrecking Yards?

There are many ways to scrap your junk car. The easiest way is to sell it to wrecking yards in Sydney. It is quicker and less of a hassle than selling on private dealers or donating to charity. No need to advertise or do some repairs in attempts to make your vehicle more attractive. That’s because wrecking yards are already interested in what you are offering. They won’t need further convincing!

However, it is worth noting that auto wrecking companies don’t have the same processes and policies. So, if you want to get top dollar for your car, you need to choose your wrecking yard well. Below are tips that will point you to the best wrecking yards in Sydney!

Compare Quotations

Shop around before you decide to sell to any company. Request quotations from various yards to find out which one can offer the highest price for your old car. But don’t just focus on the price offer. Consider the included services as well. If there are too many extra charges, then that may not be a good deal after all!

Check Their Reputation

The initial quotation should not be the only basis when choosing a wrecking yard. You also need to check their reputation and experience. Don’t fall prey to those who give offer some that are too good to be true, but don’t give in to an unfairly low offer, either.  Search for the company online before accepting any agreement. See if there are bad reviews about them.

Understand How They Evaluate Used Cars

Don’t just accept any offer without understanding how they arrived at it. You need to know what factors they considered to calculate the scrap worth of your vehicle. This way, you can also check for yourself if they are honest and fair. Wrecking yards consider various things when assessing cars. They look at the age, year, model, make, and condition. They also factor in the current prices of scrap metal.

Accept Spot On Cash Payment Only

Some scammers bait people into a high offer and then change their mind the last minute. Others also use fake cheques or convince sellers to accept instalment payments. Protect yourself by insisting on a cash payment. Make sure they will give the full payment on the spot when they collect your vehicle.

At Anytime Cash for Cars, we always pay our clients with cash. We are one of the most popular wrecking yards in Sydney, because we provide accurate, fair, and honest offers. Aside from this, we don’t charge you anything for towing your car. In fact, we also handle the paperwork for you!  You have a car to sell? Give us a call at 0412 525 712.