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What Increases And Decreases The Value Of A Car?

If you are looking to sell your car then it is important to understand what will appreciate or depreciate its value. Alternatively, availing services of scrap car removal in Sydney or car removals near me ads can help you evaluate the price of your car for free. This way you will know the price value of your car. You have two advantages! One is that you can bid with other buyers if the value is high. If the value is low then you can work on your vehicle to increase the price.

However, what factors increase and decrease the value of your car? Let’s explore each one of them in this blog. 

What increases the value of a vehicle?

  • Vehicle’s service history – Provide the service history of the car. It shows that the vehicle has been looked after all these years under your ownership.
  • Damage Extent – A vehicle that has been maintained well with minimal damage stands a better chance at fetching a higher price.
  • One colour over another – Some colours are preferred over other colours by prospective buyers. So, if your car has a colour that is most suited by a majority of customers, it has a higher chance of selling.
  • Additional features – Cars that have extra features such as a multimedia system, built-in sat navigation, dashcam, or rear-parking camera can fetch a higher sale price.

What decreases the value of a vehicle?

  • Improvisations – You may have considered a few improvisations done to your car but before doing so, think from a future perspective. Is the improvisation worthy of the future buyer’s preference? If it’s not then when selling your car, the buyer might point out that they don’t have any use of that particular feature. Therefore, they may expect you to sell the car at a rate that does not involve the cost of that feature.
  • No MOT test – If you have been negligent in maintaining and updating the car documents like REGO or servicing then your car’s value will decrease.
  • Wear and tear – If your car has scratches or dents on its sides then it brings down the value of your car. Potential buyers prefer that you shape up the car before putting it up for sale. Even broken car parts will not be accepted unless you repair or replace them. If you can’t do so then this too will negatively affect your vehicle’s price.
  • Previous owners – The more the number of previous owners, the lesser your car is worth. However, it is still important to notify the buyer about this information.

We hope these pointers will help you make the best deal on selling your car. You could also opt for unwanted car removal or old car removal in Sydney. Here, at Anytime Cash for Cars, we offer a price value of up to $8,000. We provide a free quote based on the details we ask you. Once you agree on the price and are up for a junk car removal, we schedule a pickup time. You get paid in cash on the same day of the towing process.