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What Happens To Your Auto Insurance Policy When You Scrap A Car?

Among the most stressful things about selling a Sydney scrap car is dealing with the insurance policy. Many people are clueless about what to do first. Should they scrap or call the insurance provider? Who’s liable for the car? Will the responsibility be passed to the Sydney scrap car company? What documents do you have to fill out and file?

One thing is for sure: Your insurance policy should be cancelled. Otherwise, you will have to continue paying for it. By cancelling your policy, you can sell your written-off car and get a refund. And you will be able to pass completely the responsibility and ownership to the buyer.

Now back to your question: What should you do first, scrap or cancel the policy? You may do either of the two.

You can call the insurance company yourself and tell them that you are scrapping your vehicle. You can also sell your Sydney scrap car to an auto wrecker and let them handle the paperwork on your behalf. They will be the ones to notify your insurance provider and the NSW. They will fill out the necessary forms, too. This option is more convenient and easier for busy sellers who don’t have a lot of time.

However, before you book a scrap car company, you need to make sure that they are reliable. Sketchy scrap yards are everywhere. They will not only promise to complete the paperwork but also make it appear that you are getting a good deal. Thus, you must be very selective in choosing a buyer. Here are tips to help you out:

Check Their Experience 

Car scrapping and recycling require an expert level of skills and plenty of experience. It usually takes years to build that experience. For this reason, companies that have been in the business for years have a competitive edge over others. People trust them more because they are more likely to be professional and deliver their promises. Since they have processed ownership transfers and insurance cancellations many times in the past, they can better assure you that the transactions will run smoothly.

Read Reviews 

Reading online reviews is a must as it will help you answer important questions such as: How was the experience of their other clients? What are they saying about the company? Are they satisfied with the transaction?

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