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Junk Cars Sydney: Things To Do Before Selling Your Junk Cars To A Car Buyer!

Selling your junk cars in Sydney is not so different from selling a working vehicle. Of course, there are some extra steps that you should note, but the process is quite similar.

Determining The Worth Of Your Junk Cars In Sydney

Before doing anything else, it’s best to gain an idea of how much your junk car will sell for. You can check its current market price on valuation sites like Redbook and Car sales for comparison.

Scrap car removal companies use a variety of factors to determine the overall worth of your vehicle. First, your cars make, model, and year will help identify whether it’s commonly driven or not.

In addition, the current price of scrap metal plays a significant role in your car’s worth. Let’s say that aluminium is worth about $1 to $1.50, while copper is currently selling for much higher at around $6 to $8 per kilogram. You can calculate the minimum worth by multiplying your vehicle’s weight in tons by the scrap metal price per ton.

Another important factor is the availability of spare parts in your vehicle. If its engine, transmission system, or even wheels are still useable, then you can expect a much higher price.

Take note that all of these factors will simply give you an estimated price for your vehicle. The final worth will still depend on your chosen provider, so make sure to find one that will pay you a fair amount of cash!

Preparing To Sell Your Junk Cars In Sydney

The next step is to prepare your junk car for selling. Experts from Edmunds, Autotrader, and suggest that you do the following:

  1. Remove Any Personal Belongings

Does your car have a giant bumper sticker at the back? What about old air fresheners hanging from the rear-view mirror? It’s best to remove these items before you put the vehicle up for sale.

Make sure to check your glove compartment for any belongings and remove any other personal touches to keep the car looking as neutral as possible.

  1. Clean it Thoroughly

Dousing your car in water won’t do you much good; you need to keep it as spotless as possible before the sale. You can wipe down the exterior and shine its wheels to make it look presentable, and don’t forget about the interior! Even if it’s a junk car, showing that it’s well-taken care of is a big plus.

  1. Search for the Right Providers

Preparing your junk car in Sydney is just as important as finding the right buyer. Luckily, you don’t need to look any further than Anytime Cash for Cars.

Anytime Cash for Cars is a licensed car removal company that can pay you up to $8000 for a junk vehicle. You can call us at 0412 525 712 to avail of our free pick-up services and receive your cash in less than 24 hours!