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Junk Cars And Why Are They Worth So Much?

Here’s a secret: Your junk car is probably worth more than you may think. So, if you have an old beater sitting around in your garage, maybe it’s time to take it to your local vehicle wrecker. Who knows? Maybe you can make a few extra bucks in the process!

Why Junk Cars Are Secretly A Great Source Of Income?

Sometimes, names can be misleading, and that couldn’t be truer for junk vehicles. “Junk” is often associated with rubbish, which is better off thrown in the bin than used for its primary purpose.

But As The Saying Goes, One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Treasure. Junk Cars Can Earn You Thousands Of Dollars If You Opt To Sell Them, And Here’s Why:

They Are A Rich Source Of Scrap Metal

Every single vehicle is made up of metal. Steel, for instance, is the most used material in car manufacturing, making up about 65% of the body due to its affordability and strength. Some other metals found in cars are aluminium, magnesium, iron, and titanium.

But the secret to their worth lies not in their availability and durability. What makes metals so special is that they can be recycled repeatedly without losing quality. This makes recycled metal highly sought-after by manufacturers, resulting in high buying prices.

For Example, In Sydney, The Current Prices Of Scrap Metal Are As Follows:

  • Up to $1.50 for stainless steel and aluminium
  • Up to $15 for copper radiators
  • Up to $8 for clean copper
  • Up to $4.50 for brass

But the benefits of recycled metal don’t stop at the individual level. By selling your scrap vehicle, you can lend a hand in saving the environment, preserving non-renewable resources, and reducing toxic emissions.

On top of that, you’ll be contributing to economic development. Recycled metal allows manufacturers to spend less on mining raw materials, which reduces your cost of purchasing metal goods!

They Are Composed Of Numerous Valuable Parts

Your junk vehicle could still have a few useable parts under its hood. After all, cars wouldn’t function properly without their components, and some of these can cost thousands of dollars!

Unsurprisingly, the engine is the most valuable car part to sell for scrap. Many remanufacturers are fighting to get their hands on spare engines, and you don’t have to worry about fixing them yourself.

However, if the engine cannot be repaired by any means, you can still sell it as scrap metal. In fact, engines are a great source of aluminium!

Other valuable car parts include your transmission system, catalytic converter, bumper and fender, and battery.

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