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Is It Possible To Recycle Damaged Car Parts?

What do you do with a car that is no longer worth repairing? In most cases, the best option is to sell it through damaged car removal services. Auto wrecking companies are licensed to purchase, wreck, recycle, and make cash out of damaged vehicles. So if you want to earn good cash instantly, sell your car to an auto wrecking company.

But is it really possible to recycle damaged cars? They may appear useless to you, but they still have a lot of worth for trained auto wreckers. The following are some of the most recycled auto parts that are salvaged through damaged car removal:

Engine Oil

The motor oil never in a car never runs out. It only becomes unusable when it gets dirty. When the engine oil leaks, it can contaminate the soil and water. To prevent this, auto wreckers do the special treatment. They filter and clean the oil so that it can be reused.

Car Engine And Transmission

Two of the most in-demand car parts are engine and transmission. You are more likely to fetch a higher price offer from an auto wrecker if these two are still working. They save and recycle these important components so they can sell them at cheaper prices in the market.

Auto Glass

The glass in a windshield is extremely durable. It has a special coating that makes it stronger and shatter-proof. Recycling auto glass is harder than conventional uncoated glass, but it can still be done. Thanks to advancements in technology, auto glass can be processed and reused for manufacturing products like fibreglass, bottles, floor tiles, concrete blocks, and even jewellery.


Tires are toxic materials that are harmful to animals, humans, and nature. If they are not recycled, they will take up a lot of space at dumping sites.  Some people make the mistake of burning tires, not knowing that these products produce flammable runoff and cause air pollution. But old tires can actually be recycled and reused as brand-new tires or transformed into materials like playground turf and rubberized highway asphalt.​​

Scrap Metal

Your car is made from different kinds of metals like aluminium, copper, and stainless steel. All these metals are highly recyclable and can be used multiple times. To save cash and reduce the demand for raw metals, many automobile manufacturers buy scrap metal. They process them again so that they can be reused to create new models of vehicles. Other than the automobile industries, many other sectors (including construction, communication, and IT) are also benefiting from using scrap metal. You can earn more if the company can recycle more auto parts from your old vehicle.

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