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Find The Advantages Of Visiting Wrecking Yards And Getting Cash For Old Cars

Are you curious about how wrecking yards in Sydney operate? Beyond the piles of old cars and dirt, you’d be surprised at how much treasure can be found in these places.

The Advantages Of Visiting A Wrecking Yard In Sydney

First things first: What exactly is a wrecking yard? In Australia, a wrecking yard is where old, damaged, and decommissioned vehicles are brought for recycling. These facilities serve two purposes: they can recover scrap metal for recycling and safely recover spare parts for reuse.

So What Does This Mean For You And Your Vehicle? Car Wrecking Offers The Following Benefits:

  • Conservation Of Natural Resources

Not many people know that over 80% of their cars are recyclable. Most of this is thanks to the average vehicle’s metal composition, which is 65% iron and steel by weight.

More specifically, recycling a single tonne (1000 kg) of steel helps preserve the following:

  • 50 kg of limestone
  • 635 kg of coal
  • 1100 kg of iron ore

What’s more surprising is that you aren’t just conserving raw materials when recycling metals. Even other resources expended during production, such as energy, are significantly reduced. Through this, we can prevent greenhouse gases from polluting the air!

  • Reuse Of Vehicle Parts

Vehicle parts are not cheap to produce. A catalytic converter, for instance, contains up to 7 g of platinum and palladium and 2 g of rhodium; all of which are precious yet non-renewable materials.

Unlike steel, these metals are much rarer, with a single gram of platinum worth around USD31. This rarity makes it essential for wreckers to recover or reuse every spare part possible, regardless of their functionality.

  • Efficient Use Of Space

One often-overlooked benefit of sending your car to wrecking yards is the chance to save on space. This doesn’t just mean freeing up your garage or driveway. In addition, it prevents landfills from overflowing!

With wrecking yards, you can prevent decommissioned vehicles from rusting and leaking dangerous fluids in the environment over time.

  • Economic Benefits

Another unknown advantage of car wrecking is its healthy contribution to the economy. Because you’re preserving natural resources and reusing parts, manufacturers are able to produce items at a low cost.

For example, the cost of producing canned foods with recycled aluminium is much cheaper than sourcing new metal, which in turn, allows you to purchase them at lower prices!

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