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Do You Want To Make Money From Scrap Metal?

The best part about selling your vehicle to a car wrecker in Sydney is that you don’t have to pitch much! The condition of the car is estimated, a quote is offered, and the deal is finalised. You aren’t the customer here but the seller. A car wrecking or scrapyard company’s clients are the car manufacturers, contractors, and other metal industries. This is how we earn our money. We give you a part of the profit when you want to sell your old vehicle. We pay cash for vans or any other type of vehicle regardless of its condition, model, or make.

Selling your car, however, is not the only way to earn easy bucks. There’s a lot more junk metal around than you notice.

Types of metal you can offer to a car wrecker in Sydney

Ferrous metals contain a certain percentage of iron. This iron along with carbon and other substances can be used for making steel. Here are the types of metals you can offer to a car wrecker in Sydney.

  • Old television set
  • Steel beams
  • iron columns
  • Car wheels
  • Iron bathtubs
  • Old lamp stand
  • Old sewing machine
  • Rusted pipes
  • Old laptop battery
  • Roofing iron
  • Water heaters
  • Old cupboard

The above-mentioned metals are just a few that you could probably find in your house and near the neighbours. You’ll be that citizen that looks after the cleanliness of the neighbourhood. You’re also saving the environment and innocent animals from coming in close contact with these broken thrown out materials.

Make cash for vans

If you have an old van then scrap metal merchants are your safest bet. You can earn cash for vans for up to $8,000. The price is decided based on the condition of your van. An average vehicle contains about 2,400 pounds of steel and 300 pounds of aluminium. Its parts can be recycled or reused depending on their condition.

The price can also depend on the current market apart from the vehicle’s condition. There is a high demand for vehicle parts from metal scrap merchants. This is because industries that manufacture products from metal find it cheaper as compared to extraction processes. Newly formed metal is more expensive.

Also, certain parts of your vehicle are valued more than others. If your tyres are in working condition, including the suspension, lights and other parts then you can earn a higher value. However, any missing parts will lower your selling price.

You may have owned a business that required the use of a van. Maybe you want to increase your van space and for that, you need to buy a new one. What do you do with the old one? You can sell it to a car wrecker in Sydney. We provide car removal services where you can earn cash for vans easily on the spot.

We are committed to serving you the best deal for your vehicle wherever you may be in Sydney. Just give us a call on 0412 525 712 or contact us and we will get in touch with you.