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Advice On Selling A Car vs Van – What’s The Big Difference?

Your car may look like a van but you are not really sure what to call it! Whether your car is a car or a van depends on your purpose of use. If a vehicle is used for social, domestic, family fun and long drives, then it’s a car. However, this is not the real way of defining a van.

Cash for vans are offered by us but how do you know whether what you are selling is a van or a car? It all depends on the paperwork and what the manufacturer labelled it as on the car documents. So, your paperwork will truly define the type of vehicle you purchased.

Differentiating a van from a car

A van is a large and square vehicle. It often has no side windows. A van is used for carrying relatively large amounts of goods. It is used by service companies for electrical work, plumbing, and other similar jobs. So, a van is mostly used for commercial purposes and is, therefore, called a commercial vehicle.

If you want cash for vans then sell your old van to us and earn up to $8,000.

On the other hand, families do use vans which are classified as minivans. Now, why do families need minivans? Have you ever heard of “Soccer Moms?” That’s right, the kids and their stuff won’t find enough space in a small car. So, a minivan can accommodate lots of people, kids, and store items needed for the children. Also, a minivan has windows on the sides which make it easier and safer for driving with children aboard.

Another type of family vehicle is an SUV that stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. These vehicles are usually meant for off-road travels. However, many people prefer them for travelling on vacations, storing items, and more.

Can you get cash for vans?

As mentioned earlier, yes, you can get cash for vans. We can pay you top dollar for your van regardless of its make, model, age, and condition.

We aim to provide the best services for you including customer support, and free towing. Once the quote is decided, agreed and finalised, we schedule a same day or next day van removal. No charges are levied for the process of removing your van. You get paid in cash on the same day as the van removal.

There are two pressing matters that you do not need to worry about and they are:

  • Paperwork – We’ll handle all the paperwork so you can have a smooth transition in selling your van to us.
  • Eco-friendly – We are specialist van wreckers and wish to cause no harm to the environment. Our van disposal methods are eco-friendly as we follow all recycling protocol standards to the T.

We hope you now know more about the vehicle you wish to sell. Get a ‘no obligation’ cash quote for your van today. It’s up to you whether you accept the offer or not but if you do, we will be on our way to close the deal.