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Are you planning on selling your unregistered car in NSW? Anytime Cash for Cars is your go-to vehicle pick up expert. We are a LEADING SCRAP CAR REMOVAL COMPANY based in Sydney. You can sell your unregistered car in NSW and earn a whopping cash value of up to $8,000. If you want to sell your old unregistered car, don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Selling an unregistered car in NSW is easy; all you have to do is get in touch with us. We will make sure to remove your vehicle within 24 hours of finalising the price value.

Why driving an unregistered car is not recommended

The law of transport in NSW can only permit you to drive your unregistered car to the nearest convenient service centre. You are allowed to use your car to go to the nearest convenient authorised inspection station. Once your vehicle is tested, you can drive to the nearest practicable weighbridge to determine the vehicle’s weight.SELL UNREGISTERED CARSIf repairs have to the made, the vehicle cannot be permitted for driving. In short, you cannot go long routes. You are allowed to travel via direct or convenient routes but a limited number of times. There are other transport rules that you must follow until you get the car registered. Enforcement cameras can detect unregistered vehicles, and you could be fined, number plates removed, and vehicle seized. Therefore, if your vehicle is unregistered and no longer fit for the road, it would be wise to sell it to scrap.

Remove unregistered car – Earn up to $8,000

At Anytime Cash for Cars, we have a STRUCTURED SYSTEM OF WORKING. We want to deliver our services to you in the most seamless way possible. Therefore, we have developed the best approach to get unregistered vehicles off your hands. You also get to earn a cash value of up to $8,000.
  • INSTANT QUOTE – Call us or fill our online enquiry form to get a free quotefor your car.
  • FREE CAR REMOVAL – After finalising the quote, a free car pick-upis scheduled.
  • ON THE SPOT CASH PAYMENT – Get paid on the same dayof the car towing.
  • SERVICE ALL ACROSS SYDNEY – We cover all areas in New South Wales.
  • EXPERIENCED AND FRIENDLY STAFF – We make sure to deliver our services with a smile.
We have a work ethic and moral code of keeping things simple, quick, and transparent. Our way of doing business is straightforward, where you enjoy top quality service.  

Enjoy a seamless car removal experience

  • Are you planning for car removal in Sydney? We will get in touch with you to SHARE A FREE QUOTE. All you have to do is give us a call on 0412525712, or fill up our online form.
  • We accept all kinds of vehicles that unregistered, junk, old, scrap, unwanted, damaged, or even new. Even if you own a van, truck, four-wheel drive, or a utility vehicle, we’ll take it!
  • Our team of experts will EVALUATE THE PRICE VALUE of your car. A high price of up to $8,000 is shared based on the details asked about your vehicle.
  • A price is decided based on the MAKE, MODEL, AGE, CONDITION and DAMAGE OF THE CAR. However, we accept all types of vehicles regardless of their condition.
  • If you find the quote offered is acceptable, we will proceed with the car removal process. The CAR REMOVAL can take place WITHIN 24 HOURS OR LESS.
  • A car removal can also be scheduled based on a timeline suited to you. Our car pick-up services are free with no hidden charges.
  • Anytime Cash for Cars manages all the essential documentation needed for taking possession of your vehicle to dismantle and wreck.
  • We aim to keep the car removal process simple. Our trained staff will arrive at the designated location. After a quick inspection of the car, they will carry out the towing process.
  • You will get paid in cash on the same day of the car removal process.

We’ll take old cars, vans, trucks, and more

Sell Unregistered Car NSW- Anytime Cash for CarsWe believe in helping every vehicle owner sell their car without any hassles. We all know that cars are not the only vehicles that turn to junk. Several companies use transport systems that heavy and massive vehicles can bear. Also, you are at a greater risk of keeping an unregistered vehicle around. It’s an offence against regulations that can levy a heavy fine. Why not earn by SELLING YOUR UNREGISTERED CAR IN NSW rather than getting fined? We cater to the removal and wrecking of TRUCKS – VANS – FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE – UTILITY VEHICLES. Our services include paying cash for junk, old, damaged, unwanted, and scrap cars. We buy and wreck vehicles that are no longer fit for the road and run their entire course.

We will buy your unregistered car

We’ve served in the car removal business for years. We have bought several unwanted cars, and BUYING AN UNREGISTERED CAR IN NSW is what we do too. We will take care of your unwanted old vehicle and carry out the necessary disposal methods through our owned scrapyards. All you have to do is absolutely nothing! We will carry out the paperwork, free towing, and pay you top dollar for all the work done. So, sell your junk car to us and earn a premium price with no regrets.

Eco-friendly car removal services

You can depend on us for a smooth car removal service that is both reliable and accountable. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that you experience a pleasant business interaction with us. We have trained staff ready to discuss prices to bring you the best cash offers. Our team and system of working are friendly and trustworthy. Rest assured, all things will be taken care of, from your car pick-up to dismantling and wrecking. We ensure the right and ECO-FRIENDLY DISPOSAL OF ALL VEHICLES as some hazardous scrap metals require proper handling. We make sure to separately and SAFELY DISCARD ENGINE OILS and other HARMFUL FLUIDS from the car. Give us a call on 0412525712 or fill up the online form, and we will get in touch to share a FREE QUOTE.