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How Scrap Car Buyers Can Save The Environment from Your Old Car?

You could be switching off the lights responsibly, watering the plants in your neighbourhood, and using tote bags. You may separately dispose of the dry garbage from the wet, and do your part in cutting out the plastic. There may be a sticker on your fridge that says – Go green, there is no planet B. However, if there’s an old car still sitting in the garage then it’s time you look for planet B.

An old vehicle that you’ve been using for years but have serious maintenance issues can be harmful to the environment. An old car has the potential to release harmful gases. Toxic fluids can seep out of the engine and other compartments.

In today’s post, we’re here to talk to you about how your old vehicle is harming the environment.

Why is the environment not safe with your old car?

A study titled – On the road in 2020 by M.A. Weiss et al reveals that 75% of a car’s emissions during its lifetime is from the fuel it burns. Most would think that manufacturing the vehicle is the culprit.

Anytime Cash for Cars understands your love for that motor metal but it may be time to let go.

Fluids present in the car are required for running the engine efficiently. The brake oil, the coolant, etc have a certain chemical structure that over the years runs its course. These toxic chemicals tend to leak out of old cars that have not been properly serviced or left in the garage. A safe disposing of these harmful fluids is important which can only be done by scrap car buyers.

Sell car for cash in Sydney

If you’re looking to sell car for cash in Sydney then we are here to help you. Anytime Cash for Cars is a leading car removal service company. We are scrap car buyers licensed to carry out car wrecking procedures.

Our services include: car removal – scraping – wrecking – recycling – and disposing.

We have a three-step process that makes it an easy and quick process for you to give away your vehicle.

First, we give you an instant quote.

  • Second, you get a free car pick-up and removal.
  • Third, you receive payment in cash.

Be eco-friendly today

Being eco-friendly is not that difficult. You just have to make a few changes to make the environment a safer place to live.

You could earn up to $8,000 for doing a simple act of kindness to the environment. When you get rid of the old car, it is scrapped, wrecked, and recycled. The amount is decided based on the parts of the car that can be salvaged. The rest of the body is recycled. This is one way where you’ve saved the environment. Also, you get to buy a modern car that has new features, more legroom, and better fuel compatibility.

As scrap car buyers, we offer our expertise to you. You can call us any time, and we’ll be around to share all the information you want.