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If you live in Sydney and are looking to sell your truck, you’ve come to the right place. At Anytime Cash for cars, we pay CASH FOR TRUCKS IN SYDNEY for up to $8,000. No matter the size and complexity of your truck, our service is delivered seamlessly.

We have our own salvage and junkyards to store all the vehicles we get for scrapping, wrecking, and disposal. We aim to get rid of all trucks that are no longer fit for the road. We perform DISMANTLING AND WRECKING SERVICES through standardised ECO-FRIENDLY processes.

“Anytime Cash for Cars” is one of the reputed names in Sydney who deal in cash for cars and trucks service. Offering fair prices against the wrecked, damaged and old vehicles, cash for trucks, Sydney serves its customers with hassle-free vehicle removal and the quickest service. So, are you the one with a truck that is old, damaged, wrecked or scraped? If yes, then you have landed on the right page as we accept trucks of any condition, model, make and year.


Here’s is a list of trucks that we buy:

  • Patrol truck
  • Gas truck
  • Diesel truck
  • Pickup truck
  • Commercial truck
  • Heavy trucks
  • Semi-trucks
  • Duallays
  • And all other types of trucks running on roads.

How we perform truck removal services

Trucks are massive and wear-resistant. If properly maintained, they can run for years without breaking down. While some trucks provide comfort while driving, they do require replacement auto parts from time to time. Maintenance depends on the make and model of this massive metal.

Cash For Trucks

We want to ensure doing business with you in the most hassle-free manner. Our work ethic and moral code run operations in a simple, quick, and transparent mode.

  • INSTANT QUOTE – Call us or fill our online enquiry form to get a free quote for your truck.
  • FREE TRUCK REMOVAL – After finalising the quote, a free truck pick-up is scheduled.
  • ON THE SPOT CASH PAYMENT – Get paid on the same day.
  • SERVICE ALL ACROSS SYDNEY – We cover all areas across Sydney.
  • EXPERIENCED AND FRIENDLY STAFF – We make sure to deliver our services with a smile. 

Reasons to sell your old truck

If you want to EARN A HIGH PAY IN CASH for trucks in Sydney, give us a call on 0412525712. Trucks can run for a longer time as compared to cars. Several manufacturing companies and other industries require trucks for the transport of goods and relevant heavyweight loads.

However, driving old trucks that seem to be breaking down is a danger to the driver, the road, and other commuters/drivers. So, when is the right time to give away a truck or sell it to the scrapyard?

  • If your truck batteries die more often due to extreme weather conditions.
  • If your truck has been breaking down more because of the underinflation of the tyres.
  • Wearing of the drum and disc brakes over time.
  • Constant air leaks and internal water contamination that lead to further damage of brakes.
  • If the batteries aren’t changed over a long period, corroded areas, faulty electrical systems, and engine clicking

We value the love for your vehicle; therefore, our services ensure a SMOOTH TRUCK REMOVAL PROCESS.

Get Cash for Scrap Trucks – It’s so easy!

You’ve had a good run with the truck that you used for several years. It’s time to give it over to scrappers who will execute proper disposal of this vehicle. If you are planning for a TRUCK REMOVAL IN SYDNEY, then contact us or fill up our online form. Here’s a detailed explanation of how you can earn cash for trucks in Sydney.

Cash For Trucks Sydney- Anytime Cash for Cars

  • After you have filled our online form or given us a call to share the details of your truck, we will SHARE A FREE QUOTE.
  • We accept all kinds of vehicles that may be junk, old, scrap, unwanted, damaged, or even new. It could be a van, car, four-wheel drive, or a utility vehicle; we’ll accept!
  • We have a team of experts to EVALUATE THE PRICE VALUE of your truck. A high price of up to $8,000 is shared based on the details asked about your vehicle.
  • A price is decided based on the MAKE, MODEL, AGE, CONDITION and TRUCK DAMAGE. However, we accept all types of vehicles regardless of their condition.
  • If you accept the quote offered, we will proceed with the truck removal process. The TRUCK REMOVAL can take place WITHIN 24 HOURS OR LESS.
  • A truck removal can also be scheduled based on a timeline suited to you. Our truck pick-up services are free with no hidden charges.
  • Anytime Cash for Cars manages all the essential documentation for trucks needed for taking possession of your vehicle to dismantle and wreck.
  • We aim to keep the truck towing process simple. Our trained staff will arrive at the designated location. After a quick inspection of the truck, the team will carry out the towing process.
  • You will get paid in cash on the same day of the truck pick-up.

We offer up to $8,000 for all vehicle types

Your truck deserves top priority when it comes to a HIGH RETURN ON INVESTMENT. That is why our team of experts ensures a premium paying price that can go up to $8,000. Not only do we dispose of old trucks but other vehicle types too.

We cater to the removal and wrecking of TRUCKS – VANS – FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE – UTILITY VEHICLES – CARS.

Our services include paying cash for junk, old, damaged, unwanted, and scrap trucks. We buy and wreck vehicles that are no longer fit for the road and have run their entire course.

Get paid in cash for trucks in Sydney sitting at home

We’ve served in the vehicle removal business for years. During our experience, we have COLLABORATED WITH SCRAPYARDS and JUNKYARDS to establish a smooth networking system.

We will take proper care of your unwanted old vehicle and carry out the necessary disposal methods through these associations. All you have to do is absolutely nothing! We will prepare all the paperwork, free towing, and pay you top dollar for all the work done. So, you can sell your scrap truck to us without any worries.

Truck removal services that are reliable

We have trained staff ready to discuss prices to bring you the best cash offers. Our team and system of working are reliable and trustworthy. Rest assured, all things will be taken care of, from your truck pick-up to dismantling and wrecking. We ensure the right and ECO-FRIENDLY DISPOSAL OF ALL TRUCKS. We make sure to separately and SAFELY DISCARD ENGINE OILS and other HARMFUL FLUIDS from the truck.

Give us a call on 0412525712 or fill up the online form, and we will get in touch to share a FREE QUOTE.


Trust us that it is not easy to find the right buyer for an old, busted, damaged or wrecked truck. The documentation, market survey and other related stuff make it more strenuous. It is not easy to sell your truck privately or to a dealership, as each has its requirements.

Opting for a truck removal company is a good and easy way to sell your truck effortlessly and to get the highest cash money for your truck. Anytime Cash for Cars Sydney pays up to $8,000 for truck removal along with free towing service within twenty-four hours of your request. So, get in touch with us or call us at 0412 525 712 to know more details.